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Gavin Brown B.Photo, MAVA, AIPP
Ph: 0416 288 289
You’re in good hands


Sensorservices comes to you!
Your camera serviced in your office
This service used by:
Anywhere from Brisbane City
to the Gold Coast
Teds Stores
Its all about SERVICE
45 Minute Service!

Brisbane and the Gold Coasts new home for complete Digital SLR Camera Servicing

the fastest Digital Camera sensor clean service in Australia,

plus Damaged filter removals and Firmware upgrades.

with No handling fees... just 45 minutes

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One on One Camera and Photography Tutorials
tailored to YOUR camera and for what YOU want to learn!
by Appointment ph: 0416 288 289

Black and White Film Developing

Digital Camera Servicing

Australias’ FASTEST, Professional Sensor Cleaning, Firmware Upgrades and Damaged Filter Removal Service

Sensor Cleaning

How can I tell if my camera needs a sensor clean?

An easy way to tell if your camera needs a sensor clean is to point it at the sky, and take a picture, if you see any blemishes then you need a sensor clean !
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All digital cameras will need a sensor clean at some time.

If you notice grey spots or dust marks in the same position in your photos and files, chances are you need a sensor clean !

Any Digital camera that has a removable lens can have the sensor cleaned.

When you bring you camera in for a sensor clean be sure your battery is FULLY CHARGED for the fastest service


How do I keep my Cameras computer running at its best?

From time to time camera manufacturers release Firmware upgrades

They keep your imaging processor operating at its maximum potential.

Keeping your firmware for your cameras' operating system up to date is very beneficial for you.

Its keeps your camera operating without bugs and glitches and keeps it compatible with the whole range of accessories and storage media made for your camera.

It can also improve your picture quality and reduce noise in your images and improve auto focus performance as well as the read and write speeds to your card.

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How do I improve my System?

This is a complex process so have your cameras computer and processor upgraded effortlessly

accurately with your next sensor clean at Sensor Services

Up to date firmware upgrades are completed 45 minutes

Damaged Filters

DANGER ! Broken Glass ?

Sometimes accidents happen and a cracked or broken filter can be dangerous to you and your camera.
Sensor Services can professionally remove the filter, protecting you and your lens' filter thread from

further damage so you can be back in action ASAP
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Personalised Camera & Photography Tutorials

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If you want help, to get the most enjoyment from your camera and your photography,
Gavin Brown has a Bachelor of Photography Degree and is a Master Artist in Visual Art
and loves to create personalised photo tutorials specifically tailored
for YOUR Camera, and the sort of photography that YOU want to learn !

So you’re in good hands.
He specialises in one on one tutorials and,
he comes to YOU, when it suits YOU !
ring him or text him on

0416 288 289

You can send him an email at
and his tutorials always include, specific tailored notes for you to keep & refer too, perfect!
The cost is $100 per person per hour, usually two hours initially is enough.
Now is the time to make your best photographs

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Black and White Film Processing

Due to the current resurgence in traditional film photography, Sensorservices is very proud to announce the brand new “Black and White Film Division,”
This division will professionally cater for Black and White film users in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Whatever Black and White film format you prefer to shoot, classic 35mm, 120mm, or 5x4 inch, you can now get professional handcrafted film processing and printing services locally. Simply call
Gavin on 0416 288 289 for details or see below

All standard film processing of Kodak, Ilford, Fuji etc and all printing is done BY HAND so the full range of choices is maintained so you can have it how YOU like it.

Specialist services for Infrared, Fine Grain, long tonal range or, edgy high contrast grain laden negatives, with push and pull processing are also available.

If you’re new and keen to get started in this booming photography genre, book yourself a tutorial by calling
Gavin on 0416 288 289 for help and be part of history with archival film processing and printing right now.

Sensorservices has designed this service to maximise your investment and to generate the highest quality result.

As we all know, not every single negative on a film roll is a keeper, so, it’s suggested that your processed film is
contact printed on photographic paper so you can see detail in every single photo you’ve taken and then decide which frames to scan or print professionally.

This will significantly reduce your expenditure and maintain an visual archival reference of all your work and improve your success ratio.

Turnaround times for local processing and printing is six working days, because we care about quality and our aim is to maintain the highest quality standards.

See all our film processing and scanning offers here
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Sensor Cleaning Prices

$99.95 Labrador , Gold Coast

Premium Camera Service

Sensorservices comes to you, the ultimate in convenience!

Are you busy? Do you want to avoid Parking fees and hectic driving conditions?

Call Gavin on 0416 288 289 to book for personal premium service and get Sensorservices
to come to you!

Its a popular service and bookings are essential

$129.95 anywhere from Brisbane to the Gold Coast


Firmware Upgrade Price


Damaged Filter Removal Price


Personalised Camera and Detailed Photography Tutorials
$100 p/h

Live out of town and can't get into the city?

No Problem!!

You can now post your camera directly to Sensor Services using our PO Box security and have it serviced and on its way back to you the same day!

Include your name, and return address with a fully charged battery and simply send to :

SensorServices PO Box 12501 George Street Brisbane QLD 4003

Add $10 to the cost of your service for return postage and all regional customers can take advantage of the fastest service times in the country, with no handling fee!

Ring Gavin, 0416 288 289, prior to sending to arrange the fastest payment and return options
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